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commercial hvac contractor

Commercial HVAC Repair & Replacement Services

KB's HVAC provides all aspects of commercial HVAC repair and replacement services such as 

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Multifamily

  • Hotels

  • Office Buildings

  • Government

  • HOA

  • Commercial Property Management

  • And much more

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a Commercial Heating and Air company you can depend on- here is a summary of our services offered

Commercial HVAC:

   - Commercial HVAC systems
   - Rooftop HVAC units
   - Commercial heating and cooling
   - HVAC for businesses
   - Industrial HVAC systems

Retail HVAC:

   - Retail HVAC solutions
   - Store air conditioning
   - Commercial refrigeration systems
   - Retail heating and cooling
   - HVAC for storefronts

Hospital HVAC:

   - Hospital HVAC systems
   - Healthcare facility climate control
   - Medical facility HVAC
   - Ventilation for hospitals
   - Clean air systems for healthcare

Man in a scissor lift working on a heater attached to the ceiling

Mall HVAC:

   - Mall air conditioning
   - HVAC for shopping centers
   - Retail space climate control
   - Mall heating and cooling
   - Centralized HVAC for malls


Manufacturing HVAC:

   - Industrial HVAC systems
   - Manufacturing plant climate control
   - Factory heating and cooling
   - Process cooling and ventilation
   - Heavy-duty industrial HVAC


6 Energy-Efficient HVAC:

   - Energy-efficient HVAC solutions
   - Green HVAC systems
   - Sustainable heating and cooling
   - High-efficiency HVAC units
   - Eco-friendly climate control

 HVAC Maintenance:

   - HVAC system maintenance
   - Commercial HVAC service
   - Routine HVAC inspections
   - Preventive HVAC maintenance
   - Emergency HVAC repair


HVAC Upgrades:

   - HVAC system upgrades
   - Modernizing HVAC systems
   - Advanced HVAC technology
   - Retrofitting HVAC units
   - High-tech climate control

HVAC Control Systems:

   - HVAC automation
   - Building management systems
   - Smart HVAC controls
   - Remote HVAC monitoring
   - Energy management solutions

Custom HVAC Solutions:

    - Tailored HVAC systems
    - Customized climate control
    - Bespoke HVAC solutions
    - Specialty HVAC units
    - Made-to-order heating and cooling

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